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Oral Presentations 10:40AM – 12:00PM

Materials and Surfaces

[1] Magnetic-actuated “capillary container” for versatile three-dimensional fluid interface manipulation
Presenter: Yiyuan Zhang
Keywords: Capillary container, 3D fluid interfaces, Programable dynamic manipulation

[2] Micro-Photoluminescence of III-V Quantum Well Lasers
Presenter: Alaa Sharafeldin
Keywords: Photoluminescence, Quantum Well, Selective Area Growth

[3] Flexible Hierarchical Wraps Repel Drug Resistant Gram Negative and Positive Bacteria
Presenter: Sara Moetakef Imani
Keywords: Nanoengineering, Omniphobic, Antimicrobial

[4] Digital Image Correlation for Ground Vibration Testing Tuned Hybrid Stick Reduced Order Model of Aircrafts
Presenter: Jackson Reid
Keywords: Reduced-order modeling, digital image correlation, aircrafts

Infrastructure and Energy

[1] In-Depth analysis of crash causation based on latent variable-graph model
Presenter: Jing Li
Keywords: Injury severity of crashes, unobserved heterogeneity, causal relationship

[2] Effect of Heat Treatment on Hydrogen Trapping Capacity of Model Fe-C-Mn-Nb Steel
Presenter: Sara Filice
Keywords: carbon steel, hydrogen, thermal desorption

[3] Geometric Optimization and Salt Selection of Molten Salt Reactors using a Novel Cost Minimization Framework
Presenter: Elliott Berg
Keywords: Molten-salt-reactor, cost-minimization, uncertainty-analysis

[4] Experimental investigation of thermal performance of thermosyphons
Presenter: Dwaipayan Sarkar
Keywords: CPU processor, phase change, heat transfer

Health and Biotechnology

[1] Commotio Cordis: How to better prevent children from sudden-death impacts in youth baseball
Presenter: Grant James Dickey
Keywords: heart, strain, pressure

[2] Antibiotic-Impregnated Liquid-Infused Coatings Suppress the Formation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms
Presenter: Martin Villegas
Keywords: bifunctional coating, anti-biofouling, liquid-infused surface

[3] Provocative Scapholunate Instability Wrist Positioning
Presenter: Elizabeth Norman
Keywords: Wrist, Scapholunate Instability, Four Dimensional Computed Tomography

[4] Quantifying Behind Shield Blunt Trauma using a Modified Crash Test Dummy Arm
Presenter: Julia de Lange
Keywords: Biomechanics, Injury, Defense

Oral Presentations 2:40PM – 4:00PM

Computing, AI and Data

[1] Finally Providing Clarity to Concussion
Presenter: Nicholas Simard
Keywords: MRI, Concussion, Big Data

[2] Personalized Non-Invasive Coronary Artery Computational Tool
Presenter: Louis Garber
Keywords: Computing, Cardiovascular, Bio-signals

[3] Complexity Analysis of Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (rsfMRI) Data as an Early Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
Presenter: Ethan Samson
Keywords: Alzheimer’s Disease, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Fractal Analysis

[4] Canine Spine Segmentation Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Presenter: Peyman Tahghighi
Keywords: Medical image processing, Medical image segmentation, Deep neural networks

Environment, Water, and Sustainability

[1] Twenty-First Century Water Availability Projections under CMIP6 Scenarios
Presenter: Xinyi Li
Keywords: Global Change, Hydrological Cycle, Uncertainty

[2] Remote sensing of aqueous ammonia with a fluorescence-responsive europium based hydrogel
Presenter: Melissa Temkov
Keywords: Ammonia, Sensing, Water

[3] Development of a crossflow nanofiltration process for polishing of wastewater by-product from biogas production processes
Presenter: Abhishek Premachandra
Keywords: Nanofiltration, Membrane, Wastewater

[4] Re-Imagining and Re-Establishing Our Relationship with Water – Co-Creating Water Systems and Technologies
Presenter: Colin Gibson
Keywords: water management; water ethics; water technologies

Sensors and Nano-systems

[1] 3D Extrusion Bioprinting of Click Chemistry Hydrogels
Presenter: Eva Mueller
Keywords: 3D bioprinting, hydrogels, tissue engineering

[2] Sensitivity of EMATs to variations in lift-off and pipe wall thickness
Presenter: Jafar Mortadha
Keywords: Electromagnetism, Ultrasounds, Defects

[3] Modular Bluetooth Low Energy based Indoor Positioning System for Smart Home’s
Presenter: Guha Ganesh
Keywords: Context Awareness, Healthcare Monitoring, Smart Systems

[4] Design and Development of Hand Support for Parkinson’s Patients
Presenter: Shivalika Sirohi
Keywords: Automation, Tremors, Parkinson’s

Poster Presentations 4:00PM – 5:00PM

[1] Digital Interventions to Reduce Distress Among Health Care Providers at the Frontline
Presenter: Binh Nguyen
Keywords: Digital phenotyping, digital intervention, mental health

[2] Smart Document Classification System (SDCS)
Presenter: Deema Alomair
Keywords: Machine learning, Classification, Product Family Algebra

[3] Designing Future Chauffeur!! (Comfortable & Efficient)
Presenter: Dhwani Shah
Keywords: CACC (Connected Adaptive Cruise Control), Car-following Model, Autonomous vehicles

[4] Deep Learning based Transfer Learning approach for Automated Kidney Segmentation on MRI sequences
Presenter: Rohini Gaikar
Keywords: Multi-parametric MRI, Deep Learning, Image Segmentation

[5] COWBOE (Construction Of Windows Based On Energy), an algorithm to select parameters for free energy calculation
Presenter: Naveen Vasudevan
Keywords: Python, free energy calculation, optimization

[8] myIPF – Reimagining Patient Experience with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Presenter: Jon Pusic
Keywords: Health, Design, Patient-Empowerment

[9] Heart rate estimation using video magnification in presence of large motion
Presenter: Ahmed Mohammed Alzahrani
Keywords: Video magnification , Heart rate , EVM

[10] UV/Vis-based process analytical technology for monitoring protein impurities in real-time during monoclonal antibody purification processes
Presenter: Ian Gough
Keywords: Process Analytical Technology, Monoclonal Antibodies, Chromatography

[11] Development of a lateral flow device to detect CRP in pain and aging patients
Presenter: Mohaddeseh (Moha) Abbaszadeh
Keywords: Detect, Antigen, Lateral flow

[13] Quantification of lasting microstructural and functional brain abnormalities in retired professional athletes with a history of repetitive head trauma
Presenter: Ethan Danielli
Keywords: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), concussions, aging

[14] Prediction model for freestream turbulence decay
Presenter: Dwaipayan Sarkar
Keywords: Civil engineering structures, prediction, turbulence

[15] Trenchless Crossings: Understanding the innovative Direct Pipe Installation method for large diameter pipelines
Presenter: Jonathan Mainville
Keywords: energy, innovation, tunnelling

[16] Antimicrobial and biodegradable Non-woven Filter for Respirator Mask
Presenter: Suranjoy Singh Singam
Keywords: Biodegradable, Antimicrobial, Electrospinning

[17] Green approach for fabrication of a low cost high sensitive pH sensor
Presenter: Mahtab Taheri
Keywords: pH sensor, RuO2/GO nanocomposite, high-performance electrochemical sensors

[19] Single-Step Printable Hydrogel Microarray Integrating Long-Chain DNA for the Discriminative and Size-Specific Sensing of Nucleic Acids
Presenter: Milana Pikula
Keywords: DNA microarray, hydrogels, rolling circle amplification