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2023 EGS Department Representative Elections

Election Information

Learn about how the election is run and what’s involved in being a Department Representative!

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Members of the EGS Council

Department Representatives are elected members of the EGS Council, with 3 Representatives from each of the Departments and Schools that make up the Faculty of Engineering. The term of the Representatives is until June 30th the following year.

An Opportunity for Professional Development

Looking for a chance to get out of the lab? Serving as a Department Representative is a great way to develop skills for working as part of a professional team, managing projects, and leading initiatives.

Attend Council Meetings

Department Representatives are required to attend the bi-weekly EGS Council Meetings were we make plans, share ideas, and discuss the goals of the EGS.

Join Our Committees

Each Department Representative is required to sit on two committees, attending weekly or biweekly (varies by committee) meetings. They will contribute to projects, events, and/or initiatives geared towards engineering graduate students. To carry out our various mandates, the EGS has different committees, each with its own goals!

  • Events Committee: Brainstorm, organize, and run our various academic and social events. See what we run on our Events Page
  • Online Content Committee: Engage with engineering graduate students though social media and help promote the EGS
  • Student Issues Committee: Improve life for graduate students by providing resources, answering questions, and bringing issues forward to the Faculty when necessary
  • METRIC Planning Committee: Plan and run our yearly engineering graduate student conference

Represent Your Department

Each Department Representative brings a unique perspective about the issues and needs of graduate students in their Department. Sharing that perspective with both the EGS and with multiple Faculty committees is critical to ensure that every student is represented and has their voice heard.

Nomination Period (CLOSED)

The nomination period will run from July 17th to August 9th, 2023. During this time, any current engineering graduate student can nominate themselves to be a Department Representative. If you would like to nominate yourself, you can find the nomination form here.

Election Period

Every current Engineering Graduate Student will be able to vote for their Department Representatives from among the nominees. The election will be run though MacVotes, a secure and independent platform which uses a single transferable vote system to select the 3 winners of the election who will be become the Department Representatives.

Your Candidates

Learn about the candidates running to be your Department Representative(s)!

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