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2023 EGS Executive Elections

Calling all Engineering Graduate Students! The time has come to elect your Executives!

Election Information

Election Period

Every current Engineering Graduate Student will be able to vote for their executive from among the nominees. The election will be run though MacVOTE from Tuesday, June 13th at 9 AM to Friday June 23th at 12 PM. MacVOTE is a secure and independent platform which uses a single transferable vote system to select the winners of each election who will be become the new executive team for 2023-2024.

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Annika Yardy & Ali Ammar

Annika: School of Biomedical Engineering (Thesis Masters)

Ali: School of Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

Both Annika and Ali completed their undergraduate degrees in engineering (Chemical and Bioengineering, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, respectively) at McMaster and are grateful for the supportive Engineering community that has fostered our academic and professional development. Ali and Annika were both strongly involved in EGS this past year, as a department rep and events officer, respectively, and look forward to taking on a broader leadership role next year.


Annika, as former events officer and leader within the Engineers Without Borders community, has a passion for organizing EGS events (e.g. bowling, gingerbread house decorating, pumpkin carving, trip to Activate arcade) and connecting with her colleagues on a diverse array of topics, from technical research talks at the annual EGS METRIC event to broader societal questions about existing social support structures here at McMaster and within Canada. She is co-supervised by a chemist and immunologist, so has connections with folks from a variety of McMaster faculties. In addition, she has participated in several athletic teams within the Faculty of Engineering and is aware of the many supportive and governing bodies (e.g. ECCS, GSA, CUPE, Dean’s office, etc).

Ali, as a former EGS department rep and Engineering sessional instructor, enjoys connecting with folks within and outside the Engineering community, and is an efficient and effective communicator in his many leadership roles. He was instrumental in the success of EGS’s Activate event, in addition to supporting EGS’s other activities and is excited to re-join EGS this upcoming year.

Het Shukla

School of Engineering Practice and Technology (Course Based Masters)

Being an international student I would like to help McMaster University’s community by creating a positive impact and contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all students. I think there are some skills like interacting with different people and understanding their needs, prioritizing tasks at the time of hour and teamwork are needed for this position which I have gained from my part-time job at Subway.

Amirmahan Mohseni

School of Engineering Practice and Technology (Course Based Masters)

I believe I will be a great addition to your team and would love to give back to the McMaster community. This would be a good fit for me due to my past experiences in high school and my undergrad in organizing events and planning them. I am looking forward to joining the team and making the events happen in the best way they possibly can.

Deesha Patel

Department of Computing and Software (Course Based Masters)

As the excitement builds and anticipation fills the air for the upcoming university election, I am thrilled to step into the role of EGS event manager. My name is Deesha Patel, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to plan and execute an unforgettable election experience for our esteemed student body.

With a deep passion for event management and a strong commitment to creating exceptional experiences, I am here to ensure that this university election surpasses all expectations. Having organized a diverse range of events in the past, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Throughout my career, I have developed a strong understanding of the unique dynamics and intricacies that surround university events. From collaborating with various student organizations to coordinating with faculty members and the electoral committee, I am well-versed in building partnerships and fostering a cohesive environment.

My aim is to create an inclusive, engaging, and vibrant election atmosphere that encourages every student to actively participate. By carefully listening to your ideas, needs, and concerns, I am dedicated to crafting an event that truly represents the voice and spirit of our university community. I will work tirelessly to create a seamless and memorable experience for all involved.

Moreover, I understand the significance of communication and collaboration in ensuring a successful event.

Mohammad Nami

Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering (PhD)

I’d like to communicate with student and make friend. I have a lot of experiences in planning events as executive committee member.

Razia Nushrat

Department of Engineering Physics (Thesis Masters)

I am extrovert person with good communication and event management skills that make me interested to nominate myself in this role. I have past experience of organizing many events as I like to socialize with people. I think my past experience and my personality make myself a good fit for this role.

Arjun Raha

School of Biomedical Engineering (PhD)


I am incredibly excited about applying for the position of Academic Officer, as it resonates strongly with my experiences and values. My prior role as the director of McMaster’s Engineers Without Borders “Global Engineering Conference” in 2018 has given me firsthand experience in coordinating and planning large-scale academic events. This experience, coupled with my five years of workshop development with a focus on science communication, has equipped me with the necessary skills to successfully coordinate and deliver impactful workshops and professional development programs. My recognition as a national prize winner for science communication by Defining Moments Canada showcases my ability to effectively communicate complex ideas and promote academic activities. Furthermore, my involvement as a program reviewer on an adhoc committee for the development of a biotechnology degree program at Seneca College has provided me with a deep understanding of accreditation and academic issues, making me adept at presenting relevant matters to the Council. In addition, my academic background, which includes undergraduate and graduate courses on professional development and a wide range of co-op experiences, allows me to bring a holistic perspective to the role, supporting the development of academic skills in engineering students alongside the Engineering Career and Co-op Services. Overall, my diverse experiences and passion for academic development make me an ideal candidate for the position of Academic Officer, and I am eager to contribute my skills to create a vibrant and enriching academic environment for all students.


Akansha Prasad

School of Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

I would love to be the EGS Academic Officer for the 2023-2024 year! I am extremely excited to plan creative and engaging events to enhance the graduate student experience and promote students’ professional development. Some events I hope to run would focus on introductory coding, data analysis, figure generation, presentation/3MT skills, and literature review topics using software such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, MATLAB, Python, R, Prism, Mendeley/Zotero, PowerPoint and Excel. I already have experience working with many McMaster bodies such as ECCS and the University Libraries which I can draw upon in this position to promote the academic development of the student body and host such events. I can also liaison with many undergraduate and graduate clubs based on my past involvements with Women in Engineering, MacSER, and IEEE. I am an extremely organized and a strong communicator, which will help me coordinate with various other EGS Executive members, the Engineering Faculty, and the student body to promote events and ensure all EOHSS requirements are met. This past term, I had the opportunity to volunteer with EGS where I attended meetings and helped plan the Activate Arcade Night event with the Events Officer and the rest of the Executive team. After my encouraging experience, I would love to be more involved within EGS, especially after seeing the positive impact the Society has on the overall student experience and morale.


Mercy N.A.A Budu

Department of Mechanical Engineering (Thesis Masters)

In an ever-changing world, engineering graduate students need to be aware of the direction of the industry and well equipped for it. As a society, EGS plays a pivotal role in facilitating events that wholistically develop our skills and experiences as engineers. I am interested in the role of Academic Officer because I would like to liaise with the faculty and other departments within the school to ensure that engineering graduate students maximize their academic experience at McMaster University. Furthermore, I would like to organize workshops and events in conjunction with the industry and professional bodies to expose graduate students to the current trends and challenges of the industry. Through this, engineering graduate students will be better prepared to integrate into the industry after graduation. I am no stranger to engineering societies, as I was the vice president of the undergraduate engineering society in the recent past. My role was to oversee all the events of the society, manage the executive committee and negotiate partnerships with stakeholders. I believe I have acquired good communication, networking, organizing, and teamwork skills from my role as the vice president which will translate well to the role of Academic Officer.

Silin Chen

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Thesis Masters)

Firstly, I am familiar with the Professional Development Award and the faculty of Engineering. Secondly, I used to work as an administrative assistant to help organize professional competitions and managed the selection committee meetings during my undergraduate study. This role can help me further develop my communication and organization skills, and I also aspire to use this role to serve students in the faculty of engineering.

Kangze Ren

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (PhD)

According to the EGS-Executive-Positions documents., the Administrative and Awards officer is responsible for helping out the award committee. I want to help out students become successful in their graduate study careers. I currently serve as a graduate student representative of the material engineering and science department. In early 2023, I surveyed the financial status/health of all the graduate students in my department via Google Forms. I analyzed survey results and created interactive charts in Excel. Then I presented the findings to the material engineering department chair, Hatem Zurob. The department chair is very supportive. I worked with the department chair and materialized the stipend increase in the department successfully. I am happy to hear from the graduate that they are less stressed financially about their rent and grocery purchases. I would like to be helpful to more students by selecting competent candidates for the scholarship awards!

Aryen Shakib

School of Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

I am passionate about improving the experiences of my fellow colleagues, and having experience on the Engineering Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC), I would like to further enrich the experience of all graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. As a new member of the McMaster Engineering community, I took part in the Activate event hosted by the EGS and witnessed first-hand how important the EGS is to the graduate community (and also had a blast!). Following that, I took part in the Beginner Python workshop, where I had such an outstanding experience to learn a new skill. When the announcements for new positions were sent out, I choose the Administrative and Awards Officer position as I would love to assist the promotion and distribution of awards to students in the Faculty of Engineering. I have taken part in conferences and won competitive scholarships, highlighting 1) the importance of supporting our graduate students in publishing their work and networking and 2) the rigour needed to produce and evaluate competitive awards. I am a highly detailed oriented student, therefore the EGS can be rest assured that maintaining meeting minutes and governing society documents among others will be undertaken with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

Claire Velikonja

Department of Chemical Engineering (PhD)

Why are you interested in this role?

Having strong and diverse support systems is, in my opinion, a really crucial part of grad school! As the VP social for the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Society, I really enjoyed planning events and programs that helped students within the chemical engineering community relax and meet other students. I’m interested in being a part of EGS, because I think it’s a cool opportunity to meet and plan events for students from different engineering disciplines. I’m specifically interested in the social media role, as I think the marketing and outreach for these events is really critical and is also a really creative role that I’d be excited to take on.

What skills/experiences do you think will make you a good fit for the role?

In my two years of ChEGSS as VP social and VP sports, I was often responsible for creating the graphics and doing the social media marketing for the events that I ran, which happened at a monthly frequency. I have experience creating graphics in Canva and Adobe Illustrator, and am interested in further developing those skills in this role!


Enrique Luna Villagomez

Department of Chemical Engineering (PhD)

As a software developer with a passion for social media and communications, I’m excited about the prospect of serving as the Social Media and Promotions Officer at the Engineering Graduate Society. I’m deeply familiar with the engineering community and admire the work your organization does to support engineering graduates. The unique combination of my technical expertise, problem-solving abilities honed through software development, and experience in expanding social media presence for different organizations positions me as a strong fit for this role. I am eager to leverage these skills to contribute to and advance the mission of the Engineering Graduate Society.


Sophini Subramaniam

School of Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

I love creativity, graphic design and anything STEM – The Social Media and Promotions Officer is a great way for me to combine my passions and contribute to the Engineering Graduate Society in a meaningful manner. Being socially engaged online and offline can enrich our graduate experience while fostering collaboration and connections. I hope to use my graphic design and digital marketing skills to highlight and promote the opportunities at McMaster for fellow students. I’m intrigued by this role because social media is what the majority of us use to stay informed and connected, and being able to leverage a constantly changing medium of communication to improve graduate life is both challenging and rewarding. This role is also a great way to connect various departments in the Faculty of Engineering with one another and share the great things we do with others within and beyond the McMaster community. I look forward to meaningful conversations, collaborations, staying connected and contributing to engineering graduate life together through social media.


Fatima Gafoor

School of Biomedical Engineering (Thesis Masters)

I love the opportunity to showcase my creativity through designing engaging content and creating compelling promotional material for events. With my skills in content creation, graphic design, and clear communication, I am confident that I would be an excellent fit for this role. Over the past two years, I have been an active member of the iBioMed’s Content Creation Committee, where I have honed my ability to effectively deliver news about events to students. One of my works that I am most proud of is a McMaster-themed Monopoly board that I designed.

In addition to my content creation skills, I have hands-on experience managing social media accounts for ‘McMaster MEDLIFE’, a club focused on fundraising and healthcare. This experience has provided me with valuable insights into social media management, audience engagement, and driving brand awareness.

Collaboration and teamwork are strengths of mine, and I take pride in my ability to liaise with other personnel in an efficient and effective manner. As someone who is extremely organized, I thoroughly enjoy creating and utilizing calendars. I am confident in my ability to maintain the Society’s calendar well, helping to organize terms for our team and students.

With my enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication, I am more than ready to contribute to the success of our Engineering Graduate Students at McMaster. I am excited about the opportunity to serve in this role and make a positive impact.

Harsh Patel

Department of Mechanical Engineering (Thesis Masters)


Throughout every phase of my life, I have consistently taken on leadership roles in addition to my primary responsibilities. I find great satisfaction in contributing to my community in any way possible, as it provides me with a strong sense of belonging. Among the various positions available, the role of Graduate Ambassador is particularly appealing to me. This preference is reinforced by my previous experience as the vice-captain of the SAE BAJA team during my undergraduate years, where I acted as the representative for my team in interactions with college management. In this capacity, my main responsibilities included securing budget approvals for team expenses, coordinating with faculty to ensure event schedule did not overlap with course exams, and communicating with event organizers, among other tasks.

Mahnaz Tajik

School of Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of student life by providing resources, addressing supervisory issues, and representing the EGS at the GSA on matters related to student life. There are several reasons why I am particularly interested in this role. the important one is that I have a genuine passion for enhancing the overall student experience and creating a supportive environment for graduate students. Throughout my academic journey, I have actively engaged in student organizations and committees, which has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and concerns faced by graduate students. I believe that by joining the Graduate Student Life Office, I can make a meaningful impact by working collaboratively with the team to identify and address the specific needs of our graduate student community.

Student Engagement: I have a strong background in student engagement, having actively participated in various student organizations and committees (BMEGA and international navigator program) throughout my academic journey. I understand the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and creating a supportive community for graduate students.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: I excel in communication, both written and verbal, and have experience in effectively conveying information, collaborating with diverse stakeholders, and building positive relationships. I can engage with students, colleagues, and external partners in a professional and empathetic manner.

Problem-Solving and Resourcefulness: I possess strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically. I am resourceful in finding creative solutions to challenges faced by graduate students and am adept at leveraging available resources to address their needs effectively.

Knowledge of Student Life Issues: I am familiar with the unique challenges and issues faced by graduate students. Through my academic journey and involvement in student organizations, I have gained insight into their needs, concerns, and aspirations.

Collaborative Mindset: I thrive in collaborative environments and believe in the power of teamwork. I actively seek opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, student organizations, and external stakeholders to develop comprehensive and inclusive solutions for student life enhancement.

Sama Al-Ani

Department of Civil Engineering (PhD)

What drew me most to this role is the engagement I see from current exec members of EGS and the opportunity to take on a more proactive role in addressing the issues affecting my fellow graduate students. Also, as EGS is a student-run organization, I believe it can stay grounded with the real day-to-day priorities of masters and doctoral students and tailor to their needs. In addition, I would like to learn from and engage with members of EGS that come from different departments in the faculty of engineering.

I spent two years since the start of my PhD program and still have two years left, which means I developed a good grip on the ins and outs of the graduate experience at Mac and have sufficient time to put effort into making change for the better. My background includes various leadership roles in student-led societies, including the Mubadara youth nonprofit organization and the ASCE student chapter at University of Sharjah. I also dedicated some of my time throughout the past few years towards organizing events and participating in graduate-level workshops, which gives me confidence in my communication skills and ability to coordinate with other members of EGS as well as internal or external associations.

George Fares

Department of Mechanical Engineering (Thesis Masters)

I am interested in this role because I believe I can help make the graduate program better for students at McMaster University.

Previously, I was on the bachelor of technology association for two years in a role not unlike the ‘Student Life Officer’ position as a year representative. The role was very much the same, act as a link between students, and the university. Voicing concerns to relevant faculty and making sure each student is happy with where they are with their journey at McMaster. I’ve also been responsible for creating successful events that involve both students and faculty for the B.Tech program here at McMaster.

I previously and currently held positions and competed in team oriented events. I was part of the vehicle dynamics sub-team in Formula Electric, competed in the McMaster Engineering Competition in a team and placed first in innovative design, and am currently a tech-specialist for McMaster EcoCar.

I have been a member of the McMaster community since 2018 and I have continued to enjoy my time here. Another experience that I believe is important to this role is initiative and public speaking. Getting involved is a strong suit of mine and it helped me receive the honor of becoming the valedictorian for the McMaster Engineering Class of 2023.

Also, I just really like to help people. Addressing concerns is a strong suit of mine and I don’t like to leave problems unsolved.