EGS Travel Awards

General Information

The EGS Travel Awards are graciously sponsored by the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. For the 2018-2019 academic year, $25,000 CAD has been allocated for McMaster Engineering Graduate Students. Awards are valued up to $1,200 CAD; this is dependent on the number and quality of the applications*.

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The EGS “application cycle” follows McMaster’s academic year; commencing in September of 2018 and ending in August of 2019. Within this period there are “award cycles”; these are September 2018 to December 2018, January 2019 to April 2019, and May 2019 to August 2019.

Applications are due at the end of the last business day of the 1st full week of the final month of each award cycle by 11:59pm EST. Successful candidates will be contacted via email by month’s end. The application deadlines are as follows:

  1. December 7th, 2018
    • Fall Term travel between September 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018.
    • Successful candidates would be notified the week of December 31st.
  2. April 5th, 2019
    • Winter Term travel between January 1st, 2019 and April 30th, 2019.
    • Successful candidates would be notified the week of April 29th.
  3. August 9th, 2019
    • Spring/Summer Term travel between May 1st, 2019 and August 31st, 2019.
    • Successful candidates would be notified the week of September 2nd.

Applicants must meet the deadlines for the cycle they are traveling in. Applicants cannot apply early or late for a travel award.

e.g. if it is October 1st and you are traveling on February 4th, you must apply for the Winter Term awards. This means that you cannot apply early in the Fall Term nor late in the Spring/Summer Term.

You can download the fillable application here (revised July 26th, 2018).

Completed applications are to be sent to

Application Eligibility

An applicant’s eligibility is contingent on:

  • completion of all sections;
  • the applicant not having received an EGS travel award within the current application cycle;
  • attendance of the conference or speaking engagement occurring in the current award cycle;
  • inclusion of the following documentation:
    • a letter from the conference organizer(s) confirming the acceptance of the paper or poster abstract OR confirmation from organizer(s) of speaking engagement;
    • the date AND location of the event;
    • the abstract submitted to the event;
    • a list of all confirmed AND potential funding sources;
    • a 500-word explanation of relevance to research AND need for financial aid; and
    • proof of McMaster engineering graduate student enrolment AND status.
  • the application being signed by both the applicant AND their supervisor(s); and
  • not exceeding the 500-word limit in the explanation portion of the application.

If ANY of these conditions are not met, the application is immediately ineligible for an award.


If you have any suggestions please contact the Travel Awards’ Chair(s) at

We also hold office hours, please feel free to drop-in! Our office is JHE-113.

Need Help?

Contact us at for any questions you may have!

We also hold office hours, please feel free to drop-in! Our office is JHE-113.

*please note that just because an application meets eligibility criteria does not guarantee that an award will be given.