Jared Goguen

Engineering Physics

Jared Goguen

Jared is a 2nd year M.A.Sc. student

“After spending five years at McMaster completing my undergraduate engineering degree and returning to complete a graduate degree, I have a strong connection to the faculty, and high degree of motivation to be a responsible representative of my fellow engineering colleagues to the EGS. I have been involved with the EGS since the beginning of 2016, over which time I have been able to generate an understanding of how the society works, what our responsibilities are, and what we are currently involved in organizing. Elect me to this position and I can ensure you transparency, open communication, and responsible representation with the EGS.”

He has volunteered for:
– Floor Level Inter Residence Council (FLIRC) – 2009-2010: Volunteer
– Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) – 2012-2013: Volunteer & Resources Committee Exec
– Achieving Leadership Through Integrating Teamwork Unity Dedication & Empowerment (ALTITUDE) – 2011-2013: Climbing Wall & Alpine Tower Staff

Jared can be reached at goguenjp@mcmaster.ca


  • Bylaws Committee
  • EGS Travel Awards Committee