Buddy Program

NEW STUDENTS: Get paired up with an older graduate student to help you transition to Grad Life at McMaster.
Help incoming graduate students learn the ropes by greeting them over email and supporting them as needed after they arrive! All you need is the experience of being a grad student for at least one semester. You will be matched with an incoming student via email; start communicating with them right away. Let them know what Grad Student Life is like, the best places to buy groceries, convenient housing locations etc.

Your Commitment:

– Email, phone/skype, or in-person communication with your buddy (negotiate with your buddy what will work best)

– Welcome them to McMaster and help to answer their questions (for a maximum of one term)

– You don’t have to know all the answers to be a buddy; there is a community to support you.

If interested, email Andrea in the School of Graduate Studies at gsevent@mcmaster.ca


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