Mental Health Services

As of the 2016 GSA referendum, graduate students voted no to an increase in student services fees that would match that paid by the undergraduate students. As such, only undergraduate students are now serviced by the mental health counselors in the campus health center.

So what do I do if you need mental health help?

Right now you are covered under 2 coverage plans; the GSA ihaveaplan and the CUPE health care spending account, if you TA. Currently the CUPE plan does NOT cover mental health however they are trying to bargain for it this year so we’ll let you know if anything comes of that.

The GSA health plan covers you up to $300 per year ($50 per visit) for psychologists so you can use an online resource or go to a psychologist off campus and submit the required paperwork to get reimbursed for this. You can also get the ihaveaplan app to make this a little easier. Check out your full GSA Health coverage brochure here. Read here for more information on your coverage re: psychologists

Other Mental Health Resources

The GSA now have a webpage dedicated to mental wellness

If you have any concerns you can contact us at any time at or contact the student wellness centre website for referral options