Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is an important subcommittee of the senate that deals with grad policies that will be sent to the senate for review. In general grad policy is discussed more in grad council than it would be when it is sent to senate so it provides some additional checks and balances. All of the individual faculty GCPC policies are sent to grad council for review by members of grad council from all faculties of the university. This way members can flag issues that are raised within a given faculty that may/may not be consistent or useful from another faculties perspective.

Some of the meeting minutes and agenda from Grad Council can be found on MacSphere.

There are 2 engineering faculty members on Graduate Council and the Dean of Engineering. Additionally there are 2 student reps from engineering on grad council. These are currently Donal & Arvind. Grad council can establish subcommittees to work on particular topics that require more information gathering and analysis, an example of this is the subcommittee on graduate student payroll which was established in September 2014 due to the effect that payroll changes had on engineering.

The grad. Council section of the Senate bylaws has more information about graduate council

Current Engineering Representatives:

Donal Finnerty                             Arvind Viswanathan