The University Senate has ultimate responsibility for determining academic policy and regulating the system of education, which includes new academic programmes, changes in curriculum, standards for admission to the University, examination policy, academic regulations, the conferring of degrees, the criteria and procedures for granting tenure and promotion to faculty members and so on. The Senate recommends to the Board the establishment or termination of Faculties, Schools, Institutes and Departments. The powers of the Senate are described in Section 13 of the University Act. The composition of Senate is described in Section 12 of the Act. Each faculty has a graduate representative on the senate.

Current Engineering Graduate Representative to the Senate: Philip Tominac

Philip is a Ph.D. student in the department of chemical engineering and is the current Engineering graduate representative on McMaster Senate. Philip will be serving a 2 year term on senate from 2015-2017. He has attended a couple of EGS council meetings and will be keeping us abreast of senate activities that concern Engineering Graduate students.

Previous Engineering Graduate Representative to the Senate: Sarah Nangle-Smith

Sarah was the engineering graduate representative on the university senate for the term of 2014 – 2015.


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The meeting minutes from previous Senate meetings, in addition to the Board of Governors meetings & university planning committee can be found here: