Each faculty has a GCPC (Graduate Curriculum and Policy Committee) that is responsible for discussing and voting on grad. Policy & curriculum changes that will be sent on to grad council and ultimately senate for review. These changes may include changes brought up by members of GCPC or from departments within their faculty (usually from the department grad. advisor). The motions are usually related to grad calendar changes or the introduction of new programs/diplomas. The graduate student reps from each department are invited to these meetings.

The following  people are representing their Department on this committee:

Mechanical Engineering: Mohamed Aly alym3@mcmaster.ca

Electrical & Computer Engineering: Haleh Shahzad shahzah@mcmaster.ca 

Engineering Physics: Samuel Peter peters5@mcmaster.ca

Chemical Engineering: Si Pan pans2@mcmaster.ca 

Civil Engineering: Taylor Steele steeletc@mcmaster.ca  

Computer & Software Engineering: Andrew LeClair leclaial@mcmaster.ca

Materials Science & Engineering: Danielle De Rango derangd@mcmaster.ca

Biomedical Engineering: Matthew Osbourne osbornem@mcmaster.ca

W. Booth School of Engineering Practice: TBD

For more detailed information regarding the GCPC, please contact your department assistant.