Academic Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

January 26, 2018 – LaTeX

The EGS is running a one day workshop on the open source LaTeX typesetting software to help you get over the learning curve of using LaTeX and get on you way to a better writing experience.
The workshop will be on Saturday January 26 from 10am until around 3pm, and tickets are $10. There will be a lunch break but no food will be provided. Register on eventbrite below to attend.


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Past Workshops

December 1st, 2018 – Matlab Workshop

The EGS ran a full day Matlab workshop for graduate students! The price was $15 for the workshop. 

June 25/27/29, 2018 – Python Series

The EGS ran a series of Python programming workshops. The first covered the basics, the second focused in on data analysis using Python libraries, and the third specialized in automating data acquisition. The price was $10/workshop or $25 for all three sessions.


Prior to the 2018/2019 Year

Python Skills, Presentation Skills, LaTeX, PivotTables, Inkscape.