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This page provides some information and links to resources that should help you with your academic and professional development. On the academic side, sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! Why not try a thesis template or see if another lab has a piece of equipment that can help you. The EGS council also thrives to get students in contact with individuals in their respective fields including faculty and industry professionals. It’s important for students to be exposed to professional environments as early as possible in their careers in order to become better acquainted with industry standards. Here we will post any professional development opportunities (such as workshops and conferences) as well as potential job openings.

QReserve Equipment Database

In your research you might find that you need a specific piece of equipment or some resource. Check the McMaster database QReserve first to see if you can find what you are looking for.

LaTeX Thesis Template 

Get a headstart on thesis writing by working from this LaTeX thesis template from the Department of Electrical & Computational Engineering.

We currently don’t have a word template but we’re looking for one! If you have one, feel free to donate it and we can replace all of the text with random text before posting it here.

Career Adviser Adam Pepler for Engineering Graduate Students

Adam Pepler is the Career Development and Relationship Manager for Graduate Students in Engineering. He is located in JHE A408A, (905) 525-9140 Ext. 28011

Career Services that Adam provides for Engineering Graduate students

  • Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn profile critiques
  • Interview coaching
  • Building a professional network/personal brand
  • Job search strategies
  • Career planning

Book an appointment with Adam now

Company information Sessions & Job Opportunities

Log into oscarplus with your MacID for the latest job opportunities and company information sessions that will be happening on campus.

MITACS Steps Workshops

MITACS offers professional development workshops on campus for free periodically throughout the year. These workshops range from half day to 2 day courses on topics such as presentation skills, networking and project management. Find their calendar of workshops here ->

Need a Mentor?

The McMaster Alumni & Partners Advisors network is designed so that you can find people who have graduated from McMaster in your field. You can pair up with mentors based on their field or their expertise. You just need to sign up with your mcmaster email here.