METRIC Monday – Shane Turcott

Introducing our Keynote Speaker – Shane Turcott!

Shane Turcott graduated with his B.Eng and M.A.Sc in Materials Engineering from McMaster University, Canada. He has performed failure analysis for various employers including: Dofasco, Bodycote and Liburdi Turbine Services. In 2009, he founded Steel Image which is an engineering company specializing in failure analysis and on-site material evaluations. Considered an expert in these fields, he has worked around the world supporting automotive, mining and oil industries. He is the past Ontario Chair of the American Society of Materials, had been decorated by McMaster University and once completed a 100 mile running race.


When asked what Shane’s Big Idea was, he answered:

“What I care about is good jobs in Canada.  My big idea, my big goal, is to grow a company which supports local manufacturing, oil and mining industries, doing our part to help keep industry jobs here.  Although it’s a small role to play, my group aims to provide the best, fastest support towards resolving failures of equipment designed, made or used by Canadian companies.  And to have a bit of fun while doing it.

To achieve this, the first step was to follow Elon Musk on Instagram and be constantly reminded how one seemingly crazy person can change the world (Tesla, Tesla Energy, SpaceX, Boring).  Step two has taken a bit longer. To provide better failure analysis than international competitors meant starting a company that never stops focusing on developing motivated people, growing lab capacities and improving our abilities over thousands of projects.  What started ten years ago as a basement lab, this strategy has helped us grow into Ontario’s prominent failure analysis company.”

Shane will be giving the keynote address, titled Thinking about Big Thinking. He will discuss the challenges associated with accomplishing big ideas and taking on tough projects, and how achieving these requires cultivating specific skills, character and thinking.


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