Enrollment 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 year Enrollment/Registration opens on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Your student account MUST show a zero balance, or credit, before the end of the on-time registration period. Go to mosaic.mcmaster.ca >> Student centre tab and check your student account balance.

This is extremely important, as any student who is owing monies from the previous academic year, will not be able to enroll for September 2016. Additionally, any student who will be expecting to graduate in the Fall will not receive their diploma unless they have cleared their account.

You can check by looking at your last pay statement [located on mosaic>>myprofile>>View pay statement] and checking the after tax deductions box. Your voluntary payment plan deductions are called “Student Accounts Pymt(Grad)”. This will show you the amount that is being deducted to pay off your tuition. This same amount will be taken off again on your August 5th and August 19th paychecks so you can calculate whether or not that will fully pay off your remainder of tuition fees.

If you have questions about your account, please contact student accounts at studacct@mcmaster.ca.

On-Time Registration period: July 26th –  August 29th

You can check out the step-by-step registration process that we made last year. This fully documents how to enrol in mosaic with screencaps to help you out.

Some Points to Note

  • If you don’t register on time, you’ll be charged a $50 late fee.
  • You must register for the entire year i.e. all three terms
  • You cannot register for a term without taking a course. Thus a placeholder course SGS 700 Research has been made, which can be added to terms when you’re not taking courses i.e. summer 2017
  • There will be no payment agreement or voluntary payment plan this year. Term tuition will be due at the beginning of September, January & May respectively. Your term scholarship will be given to you in total in the second week of those months. Interest on tuition will start to occur on the last business day of those months. TA/RA pay will continue to be paid biweekly. See our post on grad pay changes 2016/2017 for more details. Also the comprehensive SGS booklet on 2016/2017 grad pay can be found here http://gs.mcmaster.ca/sites/default/files/resources/student_-_final_package.pdf
  • An emergency loan, balanced against future TA pay, will be available for students that require it.


Payments can be made through your online banking, Visa or MasterCard (online only), at your bank branch, or Globalpay (Western Union). Cash and cheques are no longer accepted by Student Accounts. More information on how to make a payment is available on the Student Accounts website.

Processing of payments can take several days to appear on your student account, so it is best to submit payment by *Tuesday, August 23, 2016* to ensure that your account is in good standing by August 29, 2016.

For the past academic year, the university did not charge interest to Graduate Students, not withstanding that, all accounts must be paid in full by the last day of the academic year (August 31).


July 26th – On time registration begins

August 5th – Payday

August 9th – Information about your 2016-2017 funding distribution and tuition/fees should be available on mosaic.

August 19th – Last payday & Last payroll deduction

August 23rd – last day to submit payment to student accounts to ensure it is processed in time

August 29th – end of On time registration. Enrolling after this day will affect the timing of your September payments

September 30th – Clearing conditions – the required documents for graduation must be sent to your department.

September 20th – International Students – your study permit must be presented to the School of Graduate Studies

More information

The most up to date information can be found on the SGS website http://graduate.mcmaster.ca/graduate-students/current-students/registration
Here are the links that were sent to us about enrollment

If you’re still confused, email your rep, email EGS directly at egs@mcmaster.ca or email the school of grad studies at askgrad@mcmaster.ca. Questions specifically about enrollment can be directed to sgsrec@mcmaster.ca

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