Work Placements for Engineering Grad Students

Adam Pepler has created a new work term job board within OscarPlus specifically for Master’s and PhD engineering students. Any new work term opportunities will be posted on this job board, so check back often!

Log into OscarPlus here: You will need to login with your MacID and password.

  1. “Engineering Experiential Grad/Undergrad on the left hand dashboard
  2. “Graduate Student Postings”
  3. “Work Term Postings”. Here you will be able to search and apply for work term opportunities.

If you have logged into OscarPlus at some point prior to May 16, 2016 you should have full access to the work term postings module. If you cannot access it, please email the following information to Adam and he will set you up. 

  • Name
  • student number
  • Department
  • Program

International students on a study permit are only permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during full time studies. They are permitted to work full time during scheduled breaks. As such, many international students cannot avail of these opportunities. However, the Faculty are working on developing a coop/internship option for graduate degrees which would allow international students to partake. This is still in the early stages so we will keep you updated when we hear more. You can still visit Adam for help with your resume etc.

Students must have their supervisor’s approval to apply for these work term opportunities.

Permanent full-time positions will continue to be posted on the Student Success Centre’s job board within OscarPlus.


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