Filing your taxes for 2015

Here are some important things to know for your taxes this year.

1. Tax Forms

If you TA’d in 2015 you will have 4 tax forms; T4A x 2, T4 and T2202A

If you did not TA in 2015 you should have 3 tax forms; T4A x 2 and T2202A

Special Cases: if you do not have research scholarship, you will only have 1 T4A form. If you do not receive any scholarship, you will not have any T4A forms and if you have investments or other income you will have other forms e.g. T3.

Where to find your tax forms?

If you signed up for e-tax forms on mosaic then ALL of your tax forms will be on mosaic. If you didn’t then some of your tax forms will be on mosaic and some of them will have been mailed to you.

T4A (for other scholarship) and T2202A (for tuition amounts) can be found in student centre -> account inquiry -> account services ->tax forms


T4A (for research scholarship) and T4 (for TA or other income) can be found in human resources -> self service -> payroll and compensation


2. Medical & other claimable expenses

You can claim some unused medical expenses and private health insurance. You can also claim public transportation amounts and rent. Consult the tax guide or a tax consultant (H&R block) for more help on this. We are not lawyers! The DeGroote school of business are also hosting tax clinics on Wednesday 23rd if you need help.

  • Your UHIP, GSA Health Insurance, and HSR bus fee can be found in student centre -> account inquiry -> activity. You will need to manually set the “from” date to the beginning of the year and click “GO”. Then click “View all” to see all activity from last year
  • Your CUPE dental YTD (Year to Date) amount can be found on your last paycheck from 2015 in the “My Profile” Tab. The amount is in the “AFTER-TAX DEDUCTIONS” box on your paycheck.
  • You should get a rent receipt from your landlord if you plan to claim rental tax benefits

3. Filing

If this is your first year you will likely have to mail your return to CRA. If it is not your first year you should be able to submit it online via NETFILE. You can calculate your tax return by hand, you could pay somebody in H&R Block to do it for you for a fee or you can use any number of free software to help you calculate it.  The CRA has a list of approved tax software here. The most common ones are Turbotax and UFile and both are free for students. Note: For Ufile you need to use the code FAY1493 to file for free.

4. Help

  • First if you do not know where to start, go to the DAA tax clinic on campus tomorrow (Wed 23rd)
  • You can always get help from H&R Block in university plaza or any of their other locations
  • You can check out the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website directly for information on how to file your tax return. You can also call them if you have any issues.
  • You can read the full 2015 tax guide here.
  • If you have problems with your McMaster tax forms then contact the following
    Type of tax slip How to obtain it/Who to Contact with your Q’s
    T2202A Only available in the Mosaic Student Centre in the finance section menu: Other Financial >>View /Print T2202A/T4A
    Direct questions to
    T4 Employees, including student employees, will be mailed a T4 unless they opt for an electronic T4. Once the employee opts in they remain opted-in for subsequent years unless they specifically opt-out.

    Electronic T4s are available in Mosaic in the Human Resources section (Main Menu >> Human Resources >> Self Service >> Payroll and Compensation).

    Direct questions to the HR Service Centre or the Faculty of Health Sciences HR Office as appropriate.

    T4A – for research scholarships Same as for T4 (see above)
    T4A – for scholarships and bursaries (i.e. those administered by SFAS) Only available in the Mosaic Student Centre in the finance section menu Other Financial >>View /Print T2202A/T4A
    Direct questions to

5 thoughts on “Filing your taxes for 2015

  1. This is the first time that I have to file a tax return in Canada and I was wondering if I can put in my tax form as Medical Expenses the cost of UHIP, GSA Health Insurance Plan and GSA Dental Insurance Plan.

    1. Hey David, you should be able to. If you TA then you cannot claim the GSA Dental plan because that $170 will have been reimbursed to you due to you being covered under the CUPE dental plan. Your CUPE dental expenses can be found on your last paycheck of 2015 .

      Check out this link for more info

      Again if you are unsure of something, you should really call CRA or H&R block

  2. Hey Sarah, thanks for the guide!
    Do you know what is the average rate us students get back (considering an international student who has TAed and gets scholarship)? This year I am getting $244, but I have gotten more than that before (no more than $400), while I have friends that are in similar situation getting back $1000-2000! Do you know why there is this huge difference?


    1. Hey Lis, I’m not a tax accountant so I’m not too sure and you’d probably want to ask h&r block for specific help but I’ve heard that it’s typical for full time, international students who have TAd and who have received scholarship to typically receive between $300-500. Make sure that your T22 is correct and that you have entered the information from both of your T4a forms. I have heard of some people having incorrect numbers on these forms. If you think there is a problem, check your amounts with your administrator and bring it to sgs to fix. These are a top priority right now. In addition, claim your HSR bus pass, your rent for on-ben if applicable and any medical expenses eg uhip, GSA health etc.

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