It’s Payday

Hi Everyone,

Time to check your bank accounts. Today is payday and the amount that you get today will be different to the amount that you were used to getting every two weeks last term. The amount that you were paid will be on your pay statement in mosaic. Check the My Profile tab ->> View Pay Statement.

Also the amount that you are being deducted by the voluntary payment plan is also different this term. The amount will be whatever they told you in the email months ago. You can find this on your pay statement in the box for deductions and it’s called “Student Accounts Pymt Grad”.

Again if you’re having confusion, please try to use the payroll calculator that we made last September.  This should explain why you are getting what you are getting and what you should expect to get in the summer term.

Students with a large external scholarship, mostly Canadian students with OGS or NSERC, you most likely received a scholarship payment (once per term only) on January 19th so check for that. The amount can also be found in the student centre tab ->> account inquiry ->> payments –>> click on the blue amounts and see if any of them show an “AP Refund”. This AP refund should match the amount in your bank account.

PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU’RE CONFUSED! or or contact Sarah directly at
If many people contact us, we’ll put on a session to go through it all in the JHE Lounge.

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