EGS Grad Pay Workshop

After this month’s pay, we’ve heard lots of comments from people saying that they are confused about what they were paid this month. As such, we’re going to host a Grad Pay Workshop in the JHE lounge (JHE-328) next Monday (February 1st) from 5.30pm – 7.30pm for Engineering Graduate Students.

Are you are confused about why you are getting paid what you are getting paid. Do you know if your pay is correct? Do you know how much to budget for this term? Do you know what you should be getting paid in Summer?

If you are confused about any of these things, come out to the EGS workshop on mosaic grad pay. We’re not experts, we’re not accountants but we’ve been following this issue for 2 years, we have representation for you on Grad Council so we get the latest updates first and we made a payroll calculator to help you determine what your pay will be so we might be able to help. If we can’t at least we can point you in the right direction!

Bring your laptop for this workshop so that we can help you with your specific case in the FAQs! Due to the fact that we will be using our own situations as examples, we ask you not to take photos or record any part of this workshop. We can always host another one if it is useful and people cannot make it at this time.

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