Work Term Opportunities for Engineering Graduate Students

There are now several work term opportunities for graduate students on OscarPlus for next summer. Please note that students must have their supervisor’s support before participating in a work term opportunity and will likely have to go through the process of filing for a leave of absence for this work opportunity. We highly suggest that students make an appointment with Adam Pepler for a resume/cover letter critique before applying for these opportunities! Contact Email: Adam Pepler

Google: (Summer 2016)

  • Software Developer Intern – MS/PhD, (Kitchener). Job ID 57214
  • Software Engineering Intern – MS/PhD, (U.S.). Job ID 57215

Ansys (Spring/Summer 2016)

  • Electronic Software Testing – MS, (U.S.) Job ID 57216
  • Electrical Simulation R&D – MS/PhD, (U.S.) Job ID 57217
  • Electronics Software Development – MS, (U.S.) Job ID 57219

General Fusion

  • Data Analysis Specialist – MS/PhD, (British Columbia) Job ID 57226
  • Simulation Specialist – MS/PhD (British Columbia) Job ID 57226
  • Plasma Development – MS/PhD (British Columbia) Job ID 57226
  • Electrical Engineer – MS/PhD (British Columbia) Job ID 57226
  • Mechanical Engineer – MS/PhD (British Columbia) Job ID 57226

Sulon Technologies

  • Research Scientist / AVR – MS/PhD, (Toronto) Job ID 57478
  • Computer Vision Engineer – MS/PhD, (Toronto) Job ID 57479

RANOVUS: (Winter 2016)

  • Internship – MS/PhD, (Ottawa) Job ID 57573

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