October 2nd Pay

Hi Everyone,

You should be able to see the amount that you will be paid tomorrow (October 2nd) now on mosaic. You can also see the amount of your TA/RA/research scholarship pay that has been used to pay off your tuition this month. It shows up as “student accounts payment (grad)” in the after-tax deductions on your pay statement. See the image above to see where it shows up. Note that these values are not the same for everyone so your total might be different.

Go to the “My Profile” tab and click on “View pay statement” on the left.

Right now this deduction has not been applied to your tuition in the “student center” tab but it will be tomorrow. A separate email will be sent to you today from SGS telling you the amount of your biweekly deduction and the total amount that will be deducted for each academic term.

“If you did not participate in the Voluntary Tuition Payment Plan and there were no changes in your pay arrangements from your Graduate Department, the amount you will receive via bank deposit on Friday, October 2nd and onward for your biweekly TAship (or RA in Lieu of TA) and/or Research Scholarship will be very similar for each biweekly payment, subject to CUPE Unit 1 Dental Deductions if you have them.”

It should also be noted that “no interest will be charged on this year’s tuition and fees until August 31st, 2016.”

If you are still confused about payroll after this weekend or are concerned that you will not have enough money to live on this term (due to TAing only next term) please email askgrad@mcmaster.ca or email the EGS student life & international officer, Sarah, and she will go through the calculations with you.

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