Grad Pay Distribution Spreadsheet

Update July 1st 2016

Payroll is going to be much simpler for the upcoming 2016/2017 year. TA pay will remain to be paid biweekly during the term in which you are TAing. Tuition will be paid term-by-term again, however there will no longer be a payment plan. Students will receive their scholarship funding for the TERM in the second week of September, January and April, respectively. Student will have until the end of those months to pay off their term tuition.

Again: it is the student’s responsibility to pay their tuition on time and it is the student’s responsibility to budget according to the differences in funding across different terms.

If you do not have sufficient funding to live on in a give term, an emergency loan balanced against future TA pay, will be available upon request. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Alright everyone, we’ve attempted to make a pay distribution spreadsheet to help people figure out what they should be getting every 2 weeks for the remainder of the year.
Disclaimer – we are obviously not accountants but hopefully it will give you an idea of your distribution throughout the year if you are worried about it. We have tested it out for a few cases but there may still be errors in it that we haven’t noticed yet. If you see an error, comment on facebook or send us an email at

Some things to consider when using the spreadsheet

  • Any cell which is yellow should be filled in by the user with their own personal amounts
  • We have comments in cells to try to help you find these values and figure out which ones apply to you
  • The spreadsheet does not account for any tax deductions. You will find any of these deductions on your pay statements so add them in to get exact values.
  • The spreadsheet does not account for the GSA Dental refund ($170). This value is refunded to students who TA, and thus, are covered by CUPE dental. It is likely the reason why you owe less tuition in fall or if you do not owe any tuition, you might see it as a negative charge right now in “activity” under the “account inquiry” section of your “student center”
  • It’s kinda just a giant pile of numbers… If you, understandably, feel like you’re looking into a bush, send us an email and we can go through it with you in person. email
  • If lots of people are still confused we could host an event/workshop to go through it

Grad Pay Calculator 2015-2016


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