Mosaic Payroll 2015 FAQ

Update: November 16th after the SGS payroll information session

Some jargon explained

GS – graduate scholarship
DS – department scholarship
AP refund – accounts payable refund (student gets money)
EFT payment – electronic funds transfer – student has paid SGS money

Why do I need to enter my bank details AND give SGS a hardcopy of it?

You are paid through 2 different systems within mosaic; “HR” and “campus solutions”. When you enter banking info into the student centre tab (campus solutions) – it allows for your scholarships (except research scholarship) to be paid to your bank account.
The other system (HR) does not have your bank details and these are required in order for you to be paid your TA income and your research scholarship. SGS cannot just copy over the info because it is encrypted and they can’t see it.  Mosaic itself cannot copy over the info because these are two completely separate programs within it. HR and Campus solutions are not linked. This is also why the research scholarship amounts only show up in Fall. It’s just there to show you your annual totals, it’s not actually dispersed through the student centre. Any of these crosslinks are done through a combination of external scripts and manual uploads.

I’m trying to enter my bank details but my financial institution doesn’t show up on the dropdown menu

Just write it in. Mosaic will accept it. Smaller institutions like PC bank, tangerine & credit unions are not automatically populated. IF you think there is a problem with your bank details please contact Sharon Patry in accounts payable (Ext. 24502 or There have been a 1 or 2 cases where bank details were entered incorrectly and someone random got money.

I get research scholarship from multiple supervisors, where do I see this?

Research scholarship shows up in the HR module. What this means is that you will see it on your paychecks, when you receive them, in the “my profile” tab but in that tab you cannot see the total amounts that you should expect over the year. To see the total value, you can go to the student center tab and look at pending aid. In fact a better place to see it is Student Centre->account inquiry and click on the TINY blue hyperlink “Financial Aid” that’s near the bottom of the page. Then click on the 2015 aid year hyperlink – this shows you the amounts for the entire year. You should see research scholarship in the Fall term. The amounts from both of your supervisors will be lumped as one value.

If HR & Campus solutions aren’t linked – how can I see what my voluntary payment plan is doing?

This was a legit problem for quite a while. You should be able to see the amounts of your voluntary payment plan on your pay statement. “student accounts pymt (grad)” however we weren’t able to see how it was applied to reduce your tuition. As of this month, a script has been developed. This script uploads your voluntary tuition payments to be uploaded into the student centre tab and they can be seen in the “activity” tab with the name “payroll deduction”. These values can now be used to reduce your tuition owing amounts. You should see them appear 3-4 days after your paycheck once the script has been run.

I think my voluntary payment plan is wrong

The amount you pay by August 2015 should be correct but you are likely not paying the exact amounts of tuition that you owe per term correctly. This is because you pay more when you receive more money i.e. if you’re TAing in Fall you will likely be overpaying tuition in fall but the surplus will be used to reduce some of your Winter tuition. This is the first year that the voluntary payment plan has been implemented and there are some issues with it. It actually takes too much time/resources to fix these problems for students and redo all of the necessary changes in mosaic – plus it’s error prone. Since interest is not being charged this year, students who are having problems with their VPP are being advised to cancel it, budget accordingly and pay their tuition themselves. Considerable efforts are being made to improve this for next year.

I think I’m overpaying on my voluntary payment plan

If you are overpaying in a given term, you will see this deduction applied to subsequent term’s tuition. This should not be a problem unless you need that money to live on in this term. If that is the case, you might want to consider cancelling your VPP. Just make sure that you have enough funding to cover tuition!

I’m not getting responses from SGS about my problems / I’m still worried

More payroll information sessions are available. Sign up
Alternatively you can talk to our student life officer, Sarah (Ext. 27046 ) if you need some advice.


Is the value that I was paid correct and how do I know what I will be paid every month this year?

Ok you need to know what are the annual values for your financial aid. Then you can email to get them to explain the breakdown to you or you can arrange to meet our student life & international officer, Sarah to go through it with you. The EGS has a sample payroll calculator that we can go through with you which might be helpful. In addition, there is a sample pay scenario provided by SGS here.

I expected a second pay by Tuesday, September 22nd but didn’t get one

The only people who were expecting this were people who had an AP refund, which is typically only people who have very large external scholarships like OGS, NSERC etc. On mosaic these scholarships are divided into three, with a third being used to automatically pay for your tuition that term. If there was remaining scholarship left after the tuition is paid then you get an “accounts payable refund”. A quick way to check if you are getting this is to see if you still owe tuition this term. If you do then you would not have got a second payment as your external scholarships/bursaries etc were not enough to cover tuition this term. You can also check to see if you have an AP refund by going to the “student center” tab, clicking on “account inquiry” under the “Finances” heading, then go to the “payments” tab to see the amount of scholarships that you were paid. Each of these amounts is a blue hyperlink. Click on this and it will give you a breakdown of how this was applied.  An AP refund will show up if you have it.

I have an AP refund on mosaic but still have not been paid that amount in my bank account

The first pay of this academic year was on Friday September 18th. You should have received a payment for TA and Research scholarship (these are the biweekly payments) and you should also have received one third of all your other graduate scholarship funds as a lump sum, however this would have been applied directly to pay for your tuition. If your student account shows an AP Refund, it can take up to 2 business days for the funds to be deposited by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into your bank account.  If you do not receive your funds by Tuesday September 22, at noon, SGS may have a cheque available for pick up for you.

I don’t TA this term. Is this all that I am getting until January??

TA income AND research scholarship, i.e. the scholarship money that comes directly from your supervisor are distributed in biweekly payment. So even if you are not TAing, you will get some research scholarship every 2 weeks. The amount that you get each term is decided by your department. For most cases except mechanical engineering, which has front loaded this money, you should be receiving the total amount of research scholarship divided by 24 i.e. equal biweekly installments.

Check your pay statement every 2 weeks in MOSAIC by logging into and clicking “View Pay Statement” under the “my profile” tab.

I still owe tuition for this term

If you are a student with a TA/RA in Lieu or who have Research Scholarship, and submitted a Voluntary Payment Plan, please note that there have been no deductions from TA/RA or Research Scholarship pay toward tuition yet.  These deductions should appear on your next pay on October 2nd, 2015. “If you have Financial Support (Scholarship, TA, RA in lieu, or Research Scholarship), you should not have interest accumulate on your student account.” Interest is not being charged in September until some of this stuff is cleaned up!

I did not submit the Voluntary Payment Plan what do I do?

Ok this is tricky, you need to make payments to your Student Account for tuition etc. There is no interest being charged in September so you are ok this month. However, you may have a problem next month if they start charging you interest on tuition owed and you have not received enough pay/scholarship to pay it yet. If you do not have money saved up, you may need to ask your department for an advance.

UPDATE: Sept 23rd: You will not be charged interest if you didn’t fill out this form and you have financial aid this year. If you do see interest on your account, notify student accounts!

There is a possibility that SGS will be implementing an emergency loan too and we are not sure when interest will be charged again so talk to your administrator and email if you are worried.

I TA only in the winter and I’m not sure if I’ll have enough money to live on in the Fall term

Talk to your department administrator to get your annual totals for your financial aid. Divide these values by three and subtract off the tuition per term. If the remainder is not enough to live on per month due to you TAing only in the winter there may be a couple of options available to you. Your department can front load some of your research scholarship if your supervisor approves. Your department may be able to give you an advance/loan which would be paid back when you TA. Also, SGS are apparently looking into an emergency loan for students in this situation.

NOTE: mechanical engineering your department administrator has already front loaded research scholarship for those of you who TA only in term 2 so unless there is an error, you should be grand!


Most of the information is available on the SGS website

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us
Questions about how much scholarship support you are receiving this academic year, or in which term(s) you have a TAship, should be directed to your department or program.

Questions about your bank deposit should be directed to the School of Graduate Studies Office. We will do our best to respond to all questions quickly. Our office is located in Gilmour Hall Room 212 and you can contact

Your Student Account in MOSAIC will show if you have an outstanding balance owing of tuition & fees. If you have questions about your Student Account, you can contact the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office by email, or in person at Gilmour Hall Room 209.

If there has been something wrong with your bank details or you suspect that you were not receiving your financial aid due to bank account issues call Sharon Patry Ext. 24502 to clear it up.

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